On A Mission Making Sales Feel Great

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Hi, my name is Kelly and I’m on a mission making teams feel great about sales.

Who I Work With

I work with female founders & MD’s in the UK who have typically been running and growing their training and development consultancy for five years plus. The reason I choose specifically to work with women at this level in business is that by the time they are five years in, they have experienced and learned a lot.
To make it this far demonstrates that they are determined, focused, disciplined and motivated to succeed.

Typically my clients are passionate disruptors. They are people-focused and they are changing the way human beings live, work, communicate and co-operate with one another. They are bold, determined and unwavering in what they are bringing to the business communities they are designing solutions for. And they are dealing with all of the leadership, communication and emotional challenges that come with having such a bold vision.

This is where I come in.

My Unique Approach

I bring an experienced, grounded and feminine approach to their business growth and leadership challenges. I empower them to believe in and act from their intuitive abilities as well as their strategic thinking, which becomes a catalyst in producing breakthrough results fast.

To inquire about working with me and to discuss my approach and results in more detail, book a Clarity call (ask james link) 

What My Clients Say

Kelly is a visionary business coach who’s creating a very feminine revolution in sales and client relationship management. She’s an incredible and strategic business brain and through working very personally with me to restructure my business, Kelly has helped me to step into new levels of professionalism, personal power and focus. The impact has permeated my whole business. The product of our work are now core to Ginger’s growth and thought leadership strategies for the next decade. Together we are making a deep, powerful impact on the lives of thousands of women and beyond. And she’s done all of this in a way that feels completely congruent with my personal style and values – which means that this is deep, powerful work that can’t be undone.

“It’s difficult to put into words what happens to you when you invite Kelly Quinn into your life. I started to work with Kelly when I was repositioning my business and my brand. My mind had been stuck in the hierarchical, patriarchal, old way of doing business and this was impacting my reach and my results. Kelly opened me up to a radical new way of thinking and doing business. An approach that felt structured and efficient but also was also aligned to my core beliefs and my vision. I have become a more authentic leader and I trust my intuition. I have built my business from the heart and created a team that understands and supports my biggest vision. This has allowed me to step away from the day to day running of my business and provided the space for me to be more strategic and creative.”

“The difference Kelly’s approach, energy and knowledge has made not only to my business but more importantly to me has been huge. She has an infectious personality and style, she takes a number of ingredients and blends them perfectly to allow you to achieve real results. With true integrity, honesty, and a genuine passion for showing alternative perspectives, methods and approaches I have gained seriously increased levels of clarity and confidence and I now know who I am, what I want and how to achieve it.”