Kelly is a visionary business coach who’s creating a very feminine revolution in sales and client relationship management. She’s an incredible and strategic business brain and through working very personally with me to restructure my business, Kelly has helped me to step into new levels of professionalism, personal power and focus. The impact has permeated my whole business. The product of our work are now core to Ginger’s growth and thought leadership strategies for the next decade. Together we are making a deep, powerful impact on the lives of thousands of women and beyond. And she’s done all of this in a way that feels completely congruent with my personal style and values – which means that this is deep, powerful work that can’t be undone.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes – Founder, CEO, Author & Speaker

It’s difficult to put into words what happens to you when you invite Kelly Quinn into your life. I started to work with Kelly when I was going through a huge transitional period. My mind was still stuck in the hierarchical, patriarchal, old way of doing business. Building corporate organisations was the only way I knew how to create business success. Kelly opened the doors to another way of thinking and doing business. An approach that still felt structured and efficient but also was also aligned to my core beliefs and my big vision. I have become a better leader and trust my intuition. I have built my business from the heart and created a wonderful team that supports my vision. This has allowed me to step away from the day to day running of my business and provided the space for me to be more strategic and creative. Kelly is a wonderful coach and mentor and she’s great fun to be around!

Abigail Rebecca Pugh – Business Founder, Illuminated Leaders

The difference Kelly’s approach, energy and knowledge has made not only to my business but more importantly to me has been huge. Kelly has an infectious personality and style, she takes a number of ingredients and blends them perfectly to allow you to achieve real results. With true integrity, honesty, and a genuine passion for showing alternative perspectives, methods and approaches I have gained seriously increased levels of clarity and confidence – I know who I am, what I want and how to get it. I have enjoyed every question, every pause, every moment of reflection, every inquisitive look, every recommendation – therefore I cannot recommend Kelly enough, a true influencer.

Claire Baker – Scale-up People Strategist & Speaker

Kelly is a real powerhouse, in a feminine heart-centred way. A real tour de force with a massive heart and bags of business wisdom. I came to Kelly when I was ready to take my business to the next level and boy has it done that! Knowing Kelly is on my team has been transformative, her way of working is extraordinary and so are the results.

Lis Cashin – TEDx and International Speaker, Award-winning Author

Kelly gets to the source of the problem in your sales. The first time I met her she hit the nail on the head regarding my “wishy washy” sales techniques and from then on my whole business approach and sales processes changed for the better. She is down to earth, tells you how she sees it, and does it in a very warm and empathetic manner. I come out of meetings with her full of new ideas and enthusiasm.

Kerry Rodley – Founder of Workshops in Wellbeing

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